Online Assessment for Canine-Alitiestm

This survey will help you find what temperament of dog is a good match for you. We do not require that you match the "color" or canine-ality(tm) of a dog as a condition of adoption, but we hope it serves as a guide to bring together animals with compatible prospective owners. If you do decide to adopt, one of our helpful adoption staff will assist you to find the right dog for you!

1. I have owned a dog before.
I currently own dog(s)

2. The last time I had a dog was...
2-10 years ago
10+ years ago
Not currently, but within the past year

3. My dog needs to get along with other dogs.
If yes, please list names, ages, genders, and breeds:

4. My dog needs to be good with (check all that apply).
Children over 8 years old
Children under 8 years old
Elderly People
Animals other than dogs and cats

5. My dog will primarily be
Inside Dog
Outside Dog

6. How many hours will your dog spend outside per day?


7. My dog needs to be able to be alone (per day)...
2 hours or less
4 hours or less
4-8 hours
8-10 hours
12 hours

8. When I'm at home, I want my dog to be by my side...
All of the time
Some of the time
Little of the time

9. When I'm not at home, my dog will spend her time...
In the garage
In a crate in the house
In the yard
Loose in the house
Confined ot one room in the house

10. I want a guard dog.

11. I want my dog to hunt or herd with me.

12. I want my dog to be the type that is very enthusiastic in the way she shows she loves people.
Not at all

13. I want my dog to be playful.
Not at all

14. I want my dog to be laid back.
Not at all

15. I am comfortable doing some training with my dog to improve manners such as jumping, stealing food, and pulling on the leash.
No training
Some training
A lot of training

16. I (or my children) want to participate in Agility, Flyball or Obedience with our dog.

17. I am interested in a dog with "special needs" (medical or behavioral)

18. It's most important to me that my dog:

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