Flint Finds His Forever Family

I like to believe that Buster’s adoption story (others might remember him as Flint), began long before my boyfriend Micah and I adopted him. I have always been a firm believer in prayer and the idea that everything happens for a reason; I often remind myself of this when things do not happen the way … Continue reading Flint Finds His Forever Family


We adopted Makai–renamed Apollo–from WARL on September 10. My whole family–Liam (11), Devin (9), my husband, and I–all love him. He’s getting along well with our other animals, too. Sookie, our 2.5-year-old cat, loves having a friend. She’s been showing him the ropes. He’s very curious about our rabbit and thinks the guinea pigs are … Continue reading Apollo

Pretty Poppet

Poppet is adjusting better than we could have imagined! She loves exploring our apartment and has already decided that the futon in the sun room is all hers. She loves to play and stalk her toys and is very vocal and affectionate when we get up in the morning and return home in the evening. … Continue reading Pretty Poppet

Zeus the Explorer

Zeus (formerly Merrimac) has adjusted seamlessly…he needed very little time to adapt to our house; and in fact, we tried to keep him on one floor for the first 24 hours to get him acclimated, but oh no…Zeus the explorer had to see the whole house and his new domain asap! He’s a very happy, … Continue reading Zeus the Explorer

Crazy About Cocoa and Lulu

My husband and I are just crazy about Lulu and Cocoa! When we show excitement over them, they do a little dance where they prance left and right, staring up at us, wagging their whole bodies and tails back and forth. The more excited we get, the more they dance! They sleep in our bedroom … Continue reading Crazy About Cocoa and Lulu


Liberty was a King Charles Spaniel who was rescued from a puppy mill, along with 500 other dogs, and was brought to the League for treatment, rehabilitation and ultimately adoption. Here is her story, as told by her adopter: “Our household is my wife and I, three daughters and three dogs. A little over two … Continue reading Liberty