The Washington Animal Rescue League maintains an extensive online store, where shoppers can purchase supplies, food, toys, collars, leashes, etc. through our online partners.  Proceeds from each purchase come back to WARL, where they help us save more animals.  WARL’s online supply store can be accessed through this link:

For a limited time only, the Washington Animal Rescue League has produced a coffee-table style, hardbound history book that is available to purchase here.  When your organization is 100 years old, you realize how important your history is. Thanks to the hard work of bookseveral dedicated WARL supporters, the organization’s history has been documented for everyone to own. This beautiful 88-page, full-color publication chronicles the history of WARL’s compassionate care for animals through a seamless blend of words and photographs. You can order your own copy of this special book at the following link:

The Washington Animal Rescue League also has an on-site retail  pet supply store, the WARL-Mart, where you’ll find toys, beds, collars, leashes, scratching posts—all the supplies and equipment your new or well-established pet could need.  With the support of The Big Bad Woof store in Takoma Park, the WARL-Mart carries high quality items recommended by our training and adoption staff as the best for companion animals and their guardians. Stop by the WARL-Mart in the League to buy the best accessories for your newly-adopted pet!

If you’d like to contact our WARL-Mart, please call 202-726-2556 ext. 324.

All net proceeds directly benefit our shelter animals.

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