Donor Opportunities

Your generous gift of cash or securities to the Washington Animal Rescue League, founded in 1914, will allow us to continue helping animals in 2012 and for another century.  Kind donations from animal lovers like you ensure that thousands of dogs and cats find a new home through our state-of-the-art shelter and receive compassionate medical care from our veterinary staff who specialize in animal shelter medicine.  The League’s Medical Center also helps thousands of people—those low-income pet owners who have nowhere else to turn and bring their friends to us for reduced-cost or free veterinary care.

Unlike most other animal shelters, the League receives no taxpayer funds as we do not request or accept municipal contracts.  We must, therefore, continually seek private support to help approximately 7,000 animals annually.  Your thoughtfulness makes our sheltering, rescue, and clinical programs possible.

In that spirit, we present some opportunities for funding specific projects at the League.  We hope you will consider helping us finance all or part of one of these critical initiatives.

Gifts to the League can be funded with gifts of cash, stock, or other assets.  Please contact us anytime. 

We can help you determine which project is right for you and show you tax-wise methods of making a significant gift to help the 7,000 animals we help every year.

image Your thoughtful gift of $10,000 or more in 2012 entitles you to become a 2013 member of the League Leaders, our new annual-fund donor group.  The League Leaders offers its members limited benefits—including special recognition at League events as well as in our publications.  Names will also appear for one year on a special plaque in our lobby, where tens of thousands of visitors pass through our doors every year.

Please help us help more animals this year—and forever!

Sheltering and Adoptions

$48,000 – Although Hill’s generously provides the League and many other shelters nationwide with its Science Diet pet food for use with shelter animals, we must purchase additional food.  A gift of $4,000 would buy pet food for all shelter animals for one month.

$15,000 – The League must annually purchase a number of supplies for the shelter, such as cleaning materials, to care for our 2,000 shelter animals each year.  A gift of this amount would underwrite an entire year of supplies and a contribution of $1,250 would cover these expenses for one month.

$10,880 – The League’s dog parks, where all the shelter dogs are exercised multiple times daily, require upgrades.  The League wishes to purchase approximately 10 benches at $700 each (totaling $7,000), seven umbrellas at $340 each (totaling $2,380), and six pet waste stations at $250 each (totaling $1,500).  A gift of $10,880 can provide all of these items or smaller donations can buy them separately. FUNDED BY DR. & MRS. MATTHEW A. PARKER!  APRIL 2011.

$8,190 – Ten new computer workstations at $819 each are needed by the League, including by adoptions staff for running sheltering software, adding animals’ stories to and our website, as well as communicating with potential adopters.  FUNDED BY OUR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY VENDOR AND ITS CEO: PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL AND ROLF AARON LA MAR.

$5,000 – Our dogs would love a year’s supply of harnesses and martingale harnesses. These harnesses and collars protect sensitive necks, especially on excitable dogs, who tend to pull—even choke themselves—when going for a walk. A gift of $5,000 would give each dog their own favorite harness or collar.

$4,000 – The annual cost of transporting animals to the League from other shelters, puppy mill rescues, and natural disasters includes vehicle usage, gasoline, cages, etc.

$2,000 – Our training and behavior specialists need special treats for our special dogs.  These treats are used to encourage positive behavior while here at the shelter so that dogs who are waiting for homes will fit better into those homes once they arrive.  These efforts reduce our return rate due to behavior issues.  FUNDED BY AN ANONYMOUS DONOR!  AUGUST 2011.

$1,500 – The shelter would like to install security cameras at a number of locations on the property.

$1,200 – This amount would pay for one year of automatic uploads to  Petfinder is currently the League’s largest single source of adoption inquiries and automatic uploads will help more animals get adopted quickly.  This will also save valuable staff time and allow the public to view our animals faster than ever before.

$900 – The shelter, adoptions and training staffs all need walkie-talkies.  Right now, we are seeking 30 units at $30 each.

$850 – The League would like to purchase a “Mosquito Magnet” to help our animals, volunteers and staff.  This machine will trap pesky, biting mosquitoes that carry diseases and create discomfort for people and dogs, who use baby pools in our dog parks during the summer.  The model that the League wishes to buy has been designed for protection up to a one-acre area.

Medical Center

$45,000 – The League must purchase a number of veterinary pharmaceuticals to care for the 7,000 animals we see each year.  A gift of this magnitude would underwrite an entire year of medicines and other necessary pharmacy items, whereas a donation of $3,750 would cover these expenses for one month.

$35,000 – Thousands of animals are assisted by our shelter, Medical Center and vaccination clinics when they receive vaccines and other preventatives.  This amount would pay for these essentials. A contribution of $2,917 would pay for them for one month.

$32,000 – Treating more than 7,000 animals a year in our shelter and Medical Center means an array of tests necessary for our cats and dogs.  This amount would cover one year of medical laboratory fees, while a gift of $2,667 would pay for laboratory fees for one month.

$14,400 – A Class 4 Therapeutic Laser is an innovative piece of equipment that would revolutionize our ability to treat animals with hip dysplasia, wounds, trauma, back pain, ear infections, dental disease, and a multitude of other conditions that are among those we see most often. FUNDED BY A DONOR WHO WISHES TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS IN HONOR OF ROGIE AND IN MEMORY OF JIMMY-BOY!  MAY 2012.

$2,000 – Our veterinarians have been using our new ultrasound machine to make some tough diagnoses on cases involving cancer, heart disease, and other acute conditions. Since we have such a superb ultrasound machine, we’d like to send all our veterinarians to an intensive course for formal ultrasound training. The tuition is $2,000 per veterinarian.

$2,000 – To keep all our medical equipment running smoothly and prolong its life, the League must pay for approximately $2,000 of equipment maintenance each year.

$1,800 – A new surgery light is needed.

$1,600 – A new blood pressure machine would help us monitor our surgery patients and examine incoming animals with vision loss, kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes, and those in shock.

$1,400 – The League offers weekly low-cost vaccine clinics for both cats and dogs.  We have increased the frequency of our low-cost vaccination clinics from monthly to weekly to accommodate the growing demand for these services.  Every Wednesday evening, walk-in clients receive standard vaccinations, microchips, and parasite treatment, all at very affordable rates.  A year’s worth of clinics costs the League $72,800.

$1,250 – An annual fund for new veterinary texts would help the medical staff stay more current on veterinary care issues.  Approximately 10 books for $125 each.

$1,100 – One hundred battery-operated thermometers at $11 each are needed for our thousands of animal patients.

General Expenses

The League also seeks support for many other expenses including vehicle repair and maintenance, landscaping, uniforms, laundry, computer hardware and software, staff training, advertising, and more.  We can provide you with details on these amounts if you would like to know about helping us pay for our expenses in different areas.

Our List of Donor Opportunities changes on a regular basis and is updated online periodically at  Please let us know if you would like to support the League through a restricted donation for one of these needed items.  Of course, we also always welcome unrestricted support as well as donations for our endowment.

For more information, please contact David Moore, Chief Development Officer, at 202-375-7754 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Updated July 2012

Donor Recognition
Plaques for our Honorary/Memorial Wall are available for donations of $1,000 or more. Pavers set into the sidewalk in front of the shelter are available for donations of $2,500 or more. Other donor recognition opportunities are available for businesses and individuals.

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