Special Funds of the League

The Washington Animal Rescue League maintains numerous funds to support different aspects of animal rescue and protection. Gifts to these funds are designated to provide critical support for these promising endeavors.

Emergency Preparedness Fund

To ensure that we are always ready for the all-too-unexpected situations that Mother Nature can throw our way, the League has established this fund. The goal is to ensure the care and comfort of all of our cats and dogs, as well as our staff and volunteers, without missing a single beat. With this objective in mind, we will purchase numerous supplies, including the following items: lanterns, flashlights, fans, bottled water, gas cards, first aid kits, cat carriers, and dog crates. Your support will help us be completely ready to go in the next emergency, whether it is a power outage, hurricane, snowstorm, etc.

Donate to the Emergency Preparedness Fund

Disaster Rescue Fund

The Washington Animal Rescue League’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals who have nowhere else to go. Consequently, the League always stands ready for emergency situations.

When puppy mills and hoarding facilities are raided, the most emaciated and tormented dogs find relief in our Medical Center and shelter. When natural disasters occur, the League readies itself for incoming animals whose homes and families were destroyed by floods or fire.

These emergency rescues stretch our resources very thin. To assure that we can be ready at a moment’s notice when disaster strikes, we have instituted the Disaster Rescue Fund. This fund ensures transport and care for large-scale dog and cat rescues from puppy mills, hoarding situations, natural disasters, fires, and whatever other catastrophes hurt and displace large numbers of animals.

We were only prepared to meet the above-mentioned situations thanks to the generosity of private donors before the disasters occurred. Now, by giving to the Disaster Rescue Fund, your gift will ensure that we can continue to be there when dogs and cats are freed from the direst conditions.

Donate to the Disaster Rescue Fund

Love Fund

The Love Fund provides medical care for seriously sick and injured animals. Some of these are shelter animals. Others are the pets of low-income guardians who cannot afford the cost of major veterinary treatments. Without the help of the Love Fund, these caring guardians would have no other choice but to surrender their sick or injured companion to a shelter. Each year the fund assists hundreds of animals suffering from fractures, infectious diseases, gunshot wounds and other life-threatening conditions.

Donate to the Love Fund

Silver Whiskers Club for Cats

The Silver Whiskers Club helps older and special-needs cats find loving homes by paying the adoption fees and providing their adopters with all the equipment their new companions need. It also provides free lifetime medical care at the League's Medical Center.

Donate to the Silver Whiskers Club for Cats

Hope Fund for Dogs

By providing adopters of special dogs with life-long medical support and other incentives, the Hope Fund aids in the adoption of harder-to-place dogs. These include older dogs, dogs with chronic but manageable health problems, and dogs with disabilities.

Donate to the Hope Fund for Dogs

Little Bitty’s Cat Rehabilitation Fund

Dottie Etzler, a good friend of the League from western Maryland, decided she really wanted to do something to help cats. Cats are her passion, just as they are for many League friends. So, Dottie launched this fund with a $25,000 matching grant in 2011. This fund, named after Dottie’s now-deceased feral cat friend Little Bitty, will underwrite the League’s many expenses for both medical and behavioral rehabilitation for cats.

Fans of the League know that many of the animals we assist need a great deal of medical attention and some are helped into their forever homes through therapeutic sessions with our certified behavior specialists, who can improve a potential companion’s chances for adoption. If cats have a behavior problem, it is most likely to be fear of people. Our behavioral rehab staff frequently sees this in cats from hoarding cases or ones born on the streets and left to fend for themselves. They use a special protocol employing clicker training to encourage these cats to seek out attention, patiently training them first to touch a wand, then a hand, then to accept stroking, and finally to approach people on their own initiative.

Knowing that, for animals, physical health and mental health are closely linked, the department ensures that those in the care of the League get mental, as well as physical, exercise. We term it shelter enrichment. By giving cats “busy boxes” to explore, the long hours of waiting for a home can be made much more enjoyable. On top of this, the department arranges play time both with other animals and with people to help keep them busy and content. We also operate a free behavior helpline as part of our Project Rescue by telephone, email, and in-person appointments to address specific concerns about pets’ behavior, such as cats who won’t use the litter box or who are scratching the furniture.

Donate to the Little Bitty’s Cat Rehabilitation Fund

Buster’s Fund

This special fund was set up in response to a donor who wanted to support kittens, including newborns, being treated at our Medical Center. As anyone familiar with sheltering knows, litters of kittens and pregnant cats are brought into shelters routinely. Many of these poor orphans require in-depth care, often for upper respiratory infections, failure to thrive, and congenital anomalies. Some even need to be bottle-fed for weeks before they are ready for adoption. This fund supports the care of kittens in the League’s shelter and Medical Center as well as some from other shelters.

Donate to Buster's Fund

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