Dr. Weitzman’s Articles

Living Longer and Better
“Advances in Veterinary Medicine”
The Hill Rag

Dealing With a Fiesty Fido
“A Basic Introduction to Handling Dog-On-Dog Aggression”
Written by the League’s CPDT-KA certified trainer, Sabine Hentrich
The Hill Rag

Winterize Your Pets
“A How-To Guide to Prepare your Pet for Cold Weather”
The Hill Rag

Stop Puppy Mills
“How Much is that Puppy in the Window? The Truth Behind Puppy Mills”
The Hill Rag

The Dreaded “C” Word
“Cancer in Our Pets”
The Hill Rag

Weathering the Storm for Dogs
“How to Help Your Dog Relax During Storms”
The Hill Rag

Speaking Dog or Cat
“Animal Behavior and a Safe, Forever Home”
The Hill Rag

Pet New Year’s Resolutions
“Gym Memberships for Dogs and Cats?”
The Hill Rag

“It’s Not Just for Dogs Anymore”
The Hill Rag

Canine Influenza
“A Real and Present Danger?”
The Hill Rag

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