Commemorative Giving

A commemorative gift is the ideal way to recognize or remember a loved one or a beloved pet. Commemorative gifts offer a means to create a permanent and lasting tribute or memorial to the people or pets that have touched your life.

Brass Plaque

The subtle, yet distinguished, brass plaque is an elegant manner in which to commemorate a person or pet of importance in your life.
The plaques are presented on the shelter lobby’s loft and staircase walls as an eternal tribute.

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Corian PlaqueKitty Condo Plaque

Stylish and informal, Corian plaques provide a light-hearted approach to honor or remember those who have touched your life. The plaques include a charming paw print along with your personalized message.

The plaques are mounted in a dog den or by a cat condo providing a permanent presentation of your inscription.

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Den or Condo Sponsorship

Help underwrite the cost of caring for a dog or cat at WARL while honoring or memorializing a special person or pet in your life. When you sponsor a den or condo, your name and message will be prominently displayed on a pet’s living space.

You can choose to sponsor a living space and have your message displayed for a month, three months, six months or for a full year. Den and Condo Sponsorships are the perfect way to fund the living space of a homeless dog or cat while paying tribute to a loved one or beloved pet.

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