Training Rates

The Washington Animal Rescue League offers dog training at very competitive rates.  Our qualified and experienced staff can help guide you and your pet through the common behavior problems and challenges that may face new pet owners.

Eight Week Classes:  $250     (repeated 8-week classes: $100)

Six Week Classes:  $165

Three Week Mini-Series:  $85

One Hour Workshops:  $30

Private Training:  $75-$150


Check out our upcoming classes and register online here!

WARL offers special discounts on dog training classes for:

  • The Medical Center’s income qualified clients-20% off
  • Active duty military and first responders (police, fire fighter, EMT/paramedic)-10% off
  • Fosters for organizations other than WARL-10% off
  • 4-Session Private Training Packages- 5% off


Private Training:

Working one-on-one with one of WARL’s trainers will allow you and your dog to accomplish your goals much more quickly because the session is custom-designed to fit your individual needs.  Private sessions are also a good starting place when dealing with any type of aggression. Private sessions are offered Monday through Friday from 10am until 6pm, based on trainer availability.  Sessions typically last 1 hour, however, they may extend up to 2 hours based on your individual dog’s needs. All sessions are conducted at the WARL Training Center.

For further information, contact us: or 202-375-7744.